The Brno Short Story Writing Contest

19. 2. 2017 - IRO

Internationally Acclaimed Writer Simon Mawer Headlines the Jury

BRNO, Czech Republic — The 2017 Brno Short Story Writing Contest, supported by the Brno Expat Centre, has begun accepting entries as part of its effort to celebrate the City of Brno and revive the literary history of the Moravian capital.


The theme for the short stories is simple: Brno. Every entry must include the City of Brno in some way.



The best short story will win 6,000kc. Second place gets 2,000kc and third place gets 1,000kc. The deadline for entries is April 30, 2017.


Simon Mawer, the internationally acclaimed author of “The Glass Room” and many other books, will headline the jury. “The Glass Room”, which was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, is inspired by Villa Tugendhat. “Mendel’s Dwarf”, another Mawer book, retells the story of Gregor Mendel and his hereditary experiments through a modern-day prism.


“I owe a great deal to Brno and it is always a pleasure to be able to give something back,” Mawer said.


The BSSWC is a free contest. Only one entry per person. The short stories must be in English, 2,500 words or less, and include Brno in some significant way. Entries must be submitted by email by April 30, 2017. Winners will be announced in early June.


The jury also includes a cross-section of local cultural icons and writing enthusiasts: Don Sparling, a co-founder of the Brno Expat Centre and a longtime leader in the local expat and Masaryk University communities; Tomáš Kačer, a teacher in the Department of English and American Studies at MU and a translator; Anna Formánková, the Chief of Staff for Re:Views Magazine; and contest co-founder and Brno Writers Group co-founder Lee Adams, the At the Movies blogger for the Brno Expat Centre.


The jury will be instructed that the contest is focused on creating a story that includes Brno in some significant way. The story is the most important aspect, including writing, originality, character development, and plot development. It is understood that most of the entrants will not be native English speakers and that, in fact, this may be their first attempt to write creatively in English. All entrants should endeavor to adhere to the rules of English; however, spelling and grammar will not be critical for success.


The Brno Short Story Writing Contest was made possible by a grant awarded by the Brno Expat Centre.


For more information, go to the contest website at or send an email to the contest administrator, Bruno Zalubil, at