Design workshop for MENDELU and LSU students in CZ

9. 11. 2018 -

At the beginning of October, a group of students from Interior Design at Louisiana State University, USA visited Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology at Mendel University in Brno with their instructor Paul Callahan from the LSU College of Art and Design, and Alena Sobotková, a PhD student from Mendel University who is currently doing her internship at LSU.

The goal of the visit for American students from the course Interior Component Design was to get to know Mendel University in Brno – field of study in Furniture Design and Furniture Technology, with possibilities of studying and cooperation between the universities. Part of the programme was a three-day workshop with American and Czech students, which was held at Křtiny Castle.

Students were designing furniture and other products with the topic "Nomadic lifestyle furniture" for people who travel often in their life. Thanks to this event the cooperation between both universities was broadened, and there were interesting results of the student’s work.

„I was very inspired by the work that I have seen from all the students, and I definitely think that Czech students coming to the US could learn a lot from us and be inspired by our work just as I was with theirs.“ says Catherine Bloemer from LSU.

Because of the Furniture Design program, Mendel University is a very prospective partner to LSU, and some of the students from Mendel already had the opportunity to complete their internship at LSU through bilateral agreements. One of them, Ing. Alena Sobotková, who is currently spending several months at LSU during her Ph.D. study, was the main organizer of this workshop along with Ing. Mian Šimek, Ph.D. from the FFWT of MENDELU.


To see how the students enjoyed their visit of the South Moravia, click on this video!