Erasmus B-Day at Fléda

17. 11. 2018 -

The Erasmus program celebrates birthday at the Fléda Club on November 27th, and everyone is invited!

Come and enjoy a great party and a historical moment: it is a first time when three universities in Brno cooperate on an event like this: Masaryk UniversityVysoké učení technické v Brně and Mendelova univerzita v Brně. Together with our Czech students, attend Brno’s biggest international student party. 

❗ Given that Fléda has limited capacity, it is necessary to buy a 100 Kč ticked ahead here: ➡
Print out the receipt or download it to your mobile phone, so that it can be checked onsite. 
❗ Ticked will not be sold onsite!

Since 18:00 you can travel via a virtual reality or play VR games; win great prizes in a pub quiz and mainly meet many international and Czech students, have fun and gain lots of new friends.

The evening will start with the pop-punk band May 24thh – an ideal upbeat band to start the party with. Then get ready for a French swing and lively chansons played by VOILA. We know, that after one starts dancing, it is hard to stop. That’s why an electroswing DJ Papa Djangogo with a live sax will play till the small hours.

Come and have the party of your life!


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