Summer School in Finland, no tuition fees

14. 2. 2019 -

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk) is organizing an international Summer Term in business orientated studies. Apply till March 17!

The university offers business orientated studies simultaneously on two Campuses:

  • Kouvola 25 ECTS (6.5.-2.8.2019).


  • Mikkeli 30 ECTS (6.5.-23.8.2019).


The general theme of the studies will be Artificial Intelligence in Kouvola and Wellbeing Management in Mikkeli, and these themes will be applied in different ways in each course. The courses will be three-week modules and each of them will award five (5) ECTS.

The application period for Summer Term studies is 4.2.-17.3.2019. The Application Form is available here:


More information about the studies is available on:

All the courses are tuition-free.



Ms. Ulla Vuorinen

Education Coordinator

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences