Joint Summer School (Germany, Netherlands, Spain)

21. 3. 2019 -

Joint Summer School on Doing Business Across Europe is a 3-week programme designed for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, and is held in 3 different countries.

This Joint Summer School Program on Doing Business Across Europe is organized in partnership with 3 universities in Europe.

The program will last a total of 3 weeks in three different European countries: Germany - Rosenheim (June 24–30), the Netherlands - Windesheim (July 3–9) and Spain - Barcelona (July 13–19).

This program is designed for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students. It aims at giving students a first-hand insight on the future of doing business responsibly and covers current trends and issues in the field of business ethics, circular economy and entrepreneurship & innovation.

Aplications are accepted till April 30, 2019.

The program fee for students from partner universities is only EUR 1,500 for 3 weeks and for non-partners EUR 1,800. The program fee for 1 week is EUR 600 for students from partner universities and EUR 700 for non-partners. The program fee covers accommodation, tuition for workshops, and excursions. Summer School participants have to bear their own expenses for travel, meals and take out adequate travel and health insurance to cover the period of their travel and stay in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

More information can be found on the link, or in this flyer.