2. 3. 2020 -

Based on information from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, The National Institute of Public Health and Regional Hygiene Station of the South Moravian Region I take the following measures:

1) MENDELU staff and students with travel anamnesis:

If you arrived from the area of infection with the new coronavirus in the last 14 days (depending on the current epidemiological situation), or you changed at major Asian international airports and you do not have symptoms of the disease, stay as close as possible to the maximum incubation period, 14 days since your departure, at home, minimize contact with other people and pay special attention to hygiene (more ).

MENDELU employees will be able to work from home, it means home-office, students will be excused from lessons according to the instructions given by the Deans of the faculties.

If you arrived from the area of infection with a new coronavirus and you have symptoms of the disease (fever, cough, shortness of breath), contact the Department of Infectious Diseases of the University Hospital Brno (, tel. 532 232 265 (ambulance /2269) and follow their instructions.

As preventive measure, mobilities to Asia and new coronavirus infections are not recommended (depending on current epidemiological situation).

2) Guests and arriving students to MENDELU from the areas of new coronavirus infection:

Arriving guests and students from new coronavirus areas should take precautions valid for MENDELU staff and students..

The person who invited them or administers their stay is responsible for providing information about the necessity of the quarantine period.

I forbid inviting guests from new coronavirus regions and I recommend to postpone mobilities from these countries.

3) Students and staff in areas with new coronavirus:

Students and employees of MENDELU who are currently abroad in areas of new coronavirus infection should follow the information, advice and recommendations that are continuously updated and supplemented on the World Health Organization website (

All students and staff will be able to finish their mobilities due to force majeure in case of an epidemic at their place of study/work. In eligible cases, MENDELU travel insurance can be applied ( to compensate any damage (not applicable to risk-aware trips).

For current information, visit OMVI website. (