13. 3. 2020 -

We would like to inform you again about current COVID-19 situation in the Czech republic/Mendel University in Brno.

Yesterday, the goverment of the Czech republic has declared the state of emergency. It means the public life in Czech republic is now limited as well as travelling to Czech republic from other countries with COVID 19 risk. We would like to ensure you that we are in touch with your studnets intensively and we have an emergency line +420 731 683 342  available 24/7. All incoming students (Erasmus, credit mobility, bilateral agreements) were informed that:

  • there will be e-learning for next at least one month
  • if they will decide to leave to home country we have full understanding for that decision and we will support them, in such a case we should be informed on email: petra.urubek@mendelu.cz and students should also inform you as a sending institution
  • students will be allowed to finish their studies via distance learning from their home country
  • if students prefere to stay here, they can of course continue their studies from Brno

Once again - If you will have some students hesitating if they should return home or not, you can ensure them that they will be able to finish the semester here also from home country via e-learning and that they will have our full support.  

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you will need additional information.