15. 10. 2020 -

IRO would like to announce a photo competition for students and graduates of MENDELU in the occasion of Erasmus+ days.

You can contribute in 3 categories:


1. Photo from your study stay abroad (also other programs than Erasmus+)

- this category is for "outgoing students", students or graduates from MENDELU who spend

some time abroad within some of the offered programs

- only individual pictures will be included to the contest, please don't use collages

- please add a caption to your picture - max 1 sentence.


2. Short video from our foreign students

- this category is for incoming students, who came to study at MENDELU within any program

- the theme of the video could be "My ERASMUS IN BRNO" or "WHY TO STUDY IN MY COUNTRY"

- max length of the video is 30s.


3. Open category

- this category is for all students, incoming and outgoing

- in this category you can let your imagination run wild and your contribution can be in any form

– longer video, graphic art, some written text etc.


Your contribution can be sent only via this form until 15th November 2020. Then on 16th November all contributions will be published on Facebook page Mendel University in Brno, where you can collect "likes" until 22nd November.


The winner in each category will be the author of most liked contribution, another winner will be chosen by the jury from International office.


Winners will be announced on 23rd November 2020 and they will receive exclusive packages from International office, Czech National Agency for International Education and other partners.


By contributing in this contest you agree with use of your contribution on MENDELU social media and other promotional materials.


In case of any questions please contact