International design workshop Mendel Point

11. 11. 2020 -

In the week from November 2. - 6. 2020, the traditional International design workshop took place at the Department of furniture, design and habitat, FFWT, MENDELU together with FH Salzburg and this year also in cooperation with the furniture company Santal from Třeboň.

Due to the current measures of coronavirus pandemic, the whole workshop was conducted online on the MS Teams and Zoom platforms. Together 35 students worked from home and participated in regular online consultations. Despite the difficult situation, all students worked intensively throughout the week on their task, which was Mendel Point this year. The name "Mendel Point" as a meeting place for students, staff or university visitors was inspired by name and work of J.G. Mendel.

The workshop was attended by Bc. students of the field of Creation and Manufacturing of Furniture from the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, the Erasmus+ students from our university and, last but not least, students from FH Salzburg from Austria. At the end of the workshop, a total of 14 team designs were successfully presented, intended mainly for sitting, relaxing and combined with other functional elements intended for exterior, connected with the personality of J.G. Mendel.


The expert jury chose five best works, which you can see below. 

1. Place: Florian Kellner + Hendrik Laurens Schuhmacher


2. Place: Aljaž Menegatti + Rafael Šenk + Violeta Esteban Garcia


3. Place - Andrea Hrašková + Emma Maarová + Ema Hrehová


4. Place: Markéta Jordánová + Michaela Lopourová + Andrea Slováčková


5. Place:  Maddi Simon Tolosa + Cristina Nagore Melendez