The Summer School - Stellenbosch (JAR)

16. 4. 2021 -

The Summer School runs from 15 July – 7 August 2021 (with shorter options available) on Campus.         

We have 14 Courses running between 1 Week – 3 Weeks. Students can earn between 2 US/ 4 ECTS to 9 US/ 18 ECTS credits during this time. 

We offer you a special Partner Discounted rate of 50% less Tuition and a lower registration fee. Please find the fees attached, as well as all that is included in the costs. Our fees are comprehensive and include all activities, breakfasts, transport, housing, touristic excursions, and much more.             

Partners that have arrangements due to exchange agreements in place for additional housing discounts etc, can contact me directly.  

Closing date is 15 May 2021.