Mendelova univerzita v Brně
Zemědělská 1/1665
613 00 Brno

The way to the campus:

The trams number 9 and 11 go towards Lesna, trolleybuses number 25 and 26 go towards Novolíšeňská or depot Husovice

From stop to stop  
Hlavní nádraží Zemědělská tram number 9
Česká Zemědělská tram number 9 and 11
Mendlovo náměstí Lesnická

trolleybus number 25 a 26

International Relations Office is located in building A on the first floor.

Use the main entrance to get to building A, go upstairs to the first floor and turn left by the picture of J.G.Mendel. International Relations Office is located behind the second glass door. Office for incoming students is on the ground floor, room A02.

Office for incoming exchange students is located on the ground floor on the right (office A02).

In case of problems use the emergency contact: +420 731 683 342.