International Relations Office MENDELU announces the 2nd round of the 2020 selection procedure for study stays and internships within the Erasmus+ program and Bilateral agreements. 

Information of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, which specified the conditions and particulars required for ENTRY the national territory of the Czech Republic valid from 31. 3. 2020 from 00:00 until 12. 4. 2020

Counseling and Career Centre (CCC) newly provides individual psychological counseling, career counseling and coaching for students and staff alike online.

Dear international students living at the dormitories, we would like to ask you to respect all preventive rules and measures.

The ERV has modified the terms of the insurance at the time of the pandemic so that those who do not obey the MFA's calls to return to the Czech Republic will not be insured.

Our amazing colleagues sew face masks and help with supplying employees and students of MENDELU. 

Educational and Scientific Laboratories of Economic Theory and Bioeconomy, Research Institute of Economics and Management, Department of Economic Theory of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine invite you to take part in the 5th International Scientific Workshop  “Bioenergy Potential Development in Agriculture”, which will take place in Kyiv, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. 

We are glad to announce the 7th International Staff Training Week organised by the International Office at FH Salzburg/Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (SUAS).

The International Relations Office MENDELU announces an extraordinary call for Staff training to acquire knowledge on writing and managing project.

Feel free to join the cool event where students can meet companies and information about Czech Republic labor market

Applications are now open for a program which might be interesting for those students who want to get the unique opportunity to come to Germany and learn German

Choose one of the 7 languages - or all of them - and learn it at MENDELU for free.