Dear Academic, 

 We are glad to welcome you to Mendelu. Let’s prepare your stay by us.


Before Mobility

  • Firstly, we will need your Mobility Agreement for Teaching (MA) signed by you, the person responsible at your institution and the person responsible at our institution, please send us a scanned copy of your MA to Please note, the minimum of teaching hours are 8 per 5 days, meaning 1,6 hours per day for each day of your mobility period. The first day of your mobility that must be stated on your MA is the first day of your stay at Mendelu and the last day is the final day of your mobility (travel days are not included in the MA).
  • Please be so kind as to provide us with your personal data by filling in the Grant Agreement and send it to, a member of our credit mobility team will get in touch with you shortly. 
  • Please make sure that you arrange your travel and health insurance to cover the entirety of your stay, valid insurance is a precondition for your grant payment and has to be send in advance to
  • As a university guest, you are entitled to university accommodation, contact us if you need our assistance.
  • Arrange a meeting with a member of credit mobility to sign the Grant Agreement and arrange the first payment of your financial support.


 During Mobility

  • On the first day of your mobility you should come to the arranged meeting at the International Relations Office (IRO), where a member of the Credit Mobility team will take care of you. After you sign the Grant Agreement you will be accompanied to the cash office and you will receive the first payment (100% of travel expenses and 70% of financial support for your stay).
  • You will participate in your teaching activities and social events at the university.
  • You need to prepare a report about your stay, specifically mentioning the personal benefits gained from your mobility. This report, together with the Confirmation of Training Period is to be handed in to a Credit Mobility team staff member who will accompany you to the cash office for the second payment (30% of the financial support). If you need a specific certificate of your stay for your university, please let us know in advance and we will prepare it for you (


After Mobility

  • You will receive an email with a link to a form named EU-survey, it is obligatory for every participant to fill this in as it is a precondition of financing the mobility from EU financial sources.
  • We do hope you enjoy your mobility and we’ll see you again in due course :-) 
Financial Conditions:
Financial support:
  • Incoming staff to Czechia: 140 EUR / day (1.-14. day); 98 EUR / day (15.-60. day)

Travel expenses reimbursement:

Travel Distance accroding to Distance Calculator


500 up to 1 999 km:

275 EUR na účastníka

2 000 up to 2 999 km:

360 EUR na účastníka

3 000 up to 3 999 km:

530 EUR na účastníka

4 000 up to 7 999 km:

820 EUR na účastníka

8 000 km a více:

1 500 EUR na účastníka