Application procedure consists of two main steps:

  Contact: Ing. Kateřina Brzokoupilová


  Phone: +420 545 135 150




To start application process, a coordinator has to send us a scanned confirmed copy of Learning Agreement (which is  part of the Application Form) by email. It must be duly completed and signed by International  Coordinator of sending university, and by students. As soon as Learning Agreement is confirmed by MENDELU coordinator, it will be sent back to the student together with the Letter of Acceptance and Accommodation confirmation. Each accepted student will also receive an informative email with their username and password for access to the Mendelu University Information System. 

To download the form please click on the link below:

Please, do not fill in the contact details of the responsible person in the receiving instiution in the Learning Agreement !

Deadlines for submitting the documents:  

  • for winter (autumn) semester:  15 May 

  • for summer (spring) semester:  31 October 

Please, respect the deadline, visa application procedure can take up to 60 days!




International Relations Office together with ESN MENDELU organizes so-called Welcome Week for international students in order to help them find their feet. This event takes place usualy the week before the beginning of teaching part of the semester. For winter semester 2020 Welcome week will start 14th of September. Students obtain useful information about their stay, they are shown round the University Campus in Brno and they meet other international students. Welcome Week usually includes a short course of Czech language, all-day trips, visit to MENDELU Botanical Garden and Arboretum etc.

Detailed programme of Welcome Week will be sent to all participants via e-mail a few days before the beginning. There is also a Facebook event with all the necessary information.

Video from the Welcome Week of summer semester 2020 is available here.



The fee for the whole Welcome Week is 1300 Czech crowns.





Another source of information before your arrival: Guide for international students

 See also information about visa and insurance.