Every foreign student who arrives to study at Mendel University in Brno is provided with accommodation at MENDELU halls of residence. Accommodation should be booked in advance by student, it is neccessary to get the "Confirmation about accommodation" which is a document needed for getting visa.  

Every student should book room in advance and pay deposit 3000 CZK on this webpage:


Log in information will be send to every student together with signed Learning Agreement and Letter of Acceptance. 

The deposit will be used to cover any possible damage that might be caused by a student and it is usually returned after checking out of the halls of residence at the end of student's stay.


Price: After your arrival the accommodation contract has to be signed in the Accommodation Office. Please, be aware that there is a one-month notice period in the contract!   The price for a bed is approximately 3500 CZK per month.


Parking: There is parking in front of the halls.


Internet: All rooms are equipped with Internet connections. In the entrance hall of block D there are 2 Internet kiosks for quick information searching and Wifi connection.You need to have Internet patch cable RJ-45!


Communal facilities which can be used:

  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Irons and ironing boards
  • Clotheshorses
  • The storage room for bicycles in block A
  • Gym in block B
  • Billiard room in block B
  • Snack counter in block D
  • Sports grounds between block B and D

Every room is equiped with bedding (pillow, blanket), table, chair, lamp and wardrobe (without coat hangers). There is no equipment (like knives, plates or pots and towels) in the kitchen; these things have to be provided by the students. You can borrow bed linen that you can change at the beginning of each month.

John Amos Comenius Hall

You can find more information here

  • JAK - Block D - main reception

The great majority of international students stay at JAK halls. The hall is 1.5 km far from the university (two stops by trolleybus 25 or 26).

Address: Kohoutova street, number 3-11, district Černá Pole, Brno 613 00. The hall consists of 4 blocks A, B, C and D and the canteen.

Blok A: newly renovated, two double rooms share bathroom, toilet and kitchenette with a fridge and hot places.

Block B and C: double rooms with washbasin, there is communal kitchen and sanitary facilities on each floor and there are fridges in the kitchen.

Block D: triple bedrooms with bathroom, toilet and kitchenette including a fridge and hot plates.

Joseph Taufer Hall

The second part of the Mendel University halls of residence in Brno is 3 km far from the university grounds (you can get there by tram number 12 and you have to change for trolleybus number 25 or 26).

Address: J. Babáka street, number 1861/3, district Královo Pole, Brno 612 00.


Private accommodation

If you would like to find the accommodation on your own the following links can be useful for you: