Here are some actions we are making to make IROICA conference 2022 more sustainable. We hope you will enjoy taking part in a more sustainable and healthier conference for everyone!

  • We recommend you look at alternatives to air travel. Prague and Brno are well-linked to the bus and train network. 
  • The best option how to get around Prague and Brno is by public transport (metro, tram or bus). Some conference venues are in walking distance. You can also use bikes to travel around Brno. Choosing to walk or cycle instead of jumping in a taxi or hiring a car cuts down on petrol usage.  
  • Pack a reusable water bottle, reusable bag and a lunch box. You can cut down on plastic waste. 
  • Local and seasonal food with sufficient options for vegetarians, vegans or people with allergies will be provided.
  • Eat locally! Hit up a local street market, farmer´s market or ethical supermarket for your produce. You can also visit zero-waste grocery stores
  • Dishes, glasses and cutlery will be reuseable.