Since 2015, the Erasmus+ program has newly supported exchanges of students and university staff with non-European, so-called partner countries. Academic and administrative staff can participate in mobility within the projects approved in an annual calls (current projects can be found  HERE). As Erasmus+, Erasmus+ Credit Mobility focuses on university education, cooperation between university education institutions, vocational training at university education level and cooperation between university education institutions and enterprises. The aim of the program is to establish new or promote existing relations and cooperation between universities from partner countries, increase the level of transparency and compatibility of higher education qualifications, improve language and vocational training, support the exchange of good practice and talent development. 


1. Teaching 

      • During teaching stay, a teacher must complete teaching in a pre-agreed field, in the form of lectures, seminars, practical training, or consultation with students.
        • Teaching should be part of the study program at the receiving institution.
        • The minimum length of teaching is 8 hours per week (5 days), ie 1.6 hour per day, in case of longer stays it is necessary to multiply number of days by 1.6.

 2. Training

The form of training is not prescribed, it can be:

  • study visit to a partner workplace
  • job - shading
  • professional course etc.

Condition is the acquisition of new knowledge and skills applicable at home university. Attendance at a conference cannot be considered as training!

The scope of training must be in line with the established training program and should be sufficient to achieve the training objectives. 


  • An outgoing academic must have an employment relationship with MENDELU.
  • Teachers going on a study stay must have an employment relationship with MENDELU within the framework of an employment contract as an academic worker (the amount of working time does not matter).
  • Employees interested in teaching stay or training must go through a selection procedure either as part of the project preparation or a subsequently announced selection procedure.
  • The selection procedure is responsibility of a project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of the project.


  • Days of teaching or training are funded, plus a maximum of 1 day immediately before and 1 day immediately after (travel days).
  • Outgoing staff will receive a maximum of 180 EUR/1.-14. day of stay and 126 EUR/15.-60. day of stay;  participant will receive financial support in the amount of actual travel costs evidenced by the processed travel order.
  • The final amount of the contribution is determined on the basis of the Confirmation of Erasmus+ Teaching/Training Mobility, therefore it is important that the data in the Grant Agreement and in the Confirmation agree.
  • In addition, employee will receive a contribution to travel expenses according to the distance zone:
100 - 499 Km 180 EUR 
500 - 1999 Km 275 EUR 
 2000 - 2999 Km 360 EUR 
 3000 - 3999 Km 530 EUR 
 4000 - 7999 Km 820 EUR 
More than 8000 Km  1500 EUR