Maximally 6 weeks before the planned mobility, mobility participant must have completed Mobility Agreement - project administrator watches compliance with this deadline.

Here is the relevant form for the Mobility Agreement for Teaching/Mobility Agreement for Training.

The form must be fully completed and approved by all parties:

      • mobility participant - signature of a MENDELU employee going on a teaching or training stay
      • sending institution - signature of vice-dean for foreign activities at the faculty and signature of a coordinator for the given country
      • receiving institution - signature of a foreign coordinator

Fill in the teaching program in English.

Mobility Agreement does not include days for travel. The first day of mobility is the first day at the host institution and the last day is the last day at the institution.

In case of teaching stay, to determine the number of teaching hours, it is necessary to multiply the number of mobility days by number 1.6 and round the result to units.

After filling Mobility Agreement, the employee fills in Trip Abroad Proposal, according to information on resources and limits from the project administrator. He/she also fills in personal data in the Grant Agreement for teaching (STA)/Grant Agreement for training (STT), sends it to the credit mobility officer at IRO, and arranges a meeting with him/her. At the meeting for the signing of the contract, he/she will bring a printed Trip Abroad Proposal in two copies together with the signed MA (if he/she has not already done so by email).

The Grant Agreement sets out the conditions of mobility, in particular the dates of the trip and the financial limits for the trip.

Any changes in the details of the mobility that occur after the signing of the Grant Agreement must be immediately notified to IRO.

It is also necessary to fill in the Travel Order and have it signed by the manager. In case that the employee requests a deposit, he/she will arrive with the signed Trip Abroad Proposal and the Travel Order to the relevant coordinator of the Economic Department, no later than 5 working days before the departure.

The employee will be paid a deposit for the business trip in the full amount of accommodation costs and travel expenses specified in the Grant Agreement.

The employee will arrange and pay for the ticket, accommodation and other costs (ie the university will NOT pay the costs for him/her by invoice or other form), except for the expedition of several academics at the same time, where based on an agreement with an IRO officer it is possible to place a bulk order. 


During his/her stay at receiving institution, employee fulfils the training or teaching plan as agreed in the Mobility Agreement document.

The planned number of hours taught or worked must be kept.


Within 10 working days after the end of the stay, employee is obliged to deliver:

Confirmation of teaching/training

At the end of the stay, the receiving party confirms the Confirmation of teaching/training period employee brings the original documents to IRO.

Number of teaching/working days and hours must be clear from the confirmation. Number of teaching/training hours confirmed by the receiving institution must be the same as the number of teaching/training hours stated in the Mobility Agreement document, or it may be higher. In case of lower confirmed number of days/hours, the originally awarded grant will be reduced.

Employee is obliged to fill in EU-Survey Final Report in the form of an online questionnaire. They will receive a link to the e-mail specified in the Grant Agreement to fill in the online questionnaire after the end of mobility. If this condition is not met, the employee returns the entire financial support.

Furthermore, employee submits a Report on the results of the business trip and the Final Report in the form of a questionnaire.