Qualification conditions

Teaching mobility must take place at a partner university with which MENDELU has an interinstitutional agreement concluded. If you wish to initiate such an agreement, address your IRO officer and inform him/her of the history of cooperation or contact person who might speed up the conclusion of the agreement.

Eligible activities: any form of educational work, i.e. lectures, consultations, workshops, laboratories and studios. Preparation for teaching and participation in conferences are not eligible.

The employee must have an employment contract with the sending institution on an academic post (those hired on a work agreement or a task order agreement cannot participate).

The minimum mobility duration is 2 business days; standard duration is 5 days.

The lecturer must complete at least 8 hours of teaching activities within 2–5 working days at the receiving institution. If the stay lasts longer than a week, he/she must teach at least 1.6 hours x number of days.

The teaching mobility shall take place in the current academic year.

The grant shall also be provided for the day of travel immediately preceding the first day of teaching and for the day of travel immediately following the last day of teaching.

Mobility always starts on a working day at the institution and it is not possible to start a business trip before the weekend and interrupt it at the weekend if it lasts less than 8 days. Arrival at the institution is possible maximally one day before the planned mobility.

Employees with special needs may apply for a special grant. The applications shall be filled before the start of the summer and winter semester and shall be approved by the Erasmus Steering Committee.