Financial conditions

  1. Subsistence expenses: the cost of accommodation, meals, local transport, travel insurance and possible cancellation fees.
    • This financial support should cover a part of the subsistence expenses related to the study stay at the partner institution abroad. Financial support is provided only for days during which the teacher was teaching. The specific number of teaching days must be agreed in advance by the foreign party in the Teaching Programme. Based on this agreed number of teaching days, the employee will receive a grant for subsistence expenses.
    •  If the number of teaching days confirmed in the Training Programme before departure to the host institution does not correspond to the number of teaching days confirmed by the receiving party in the Confirmation at the end of the stay, the grant may be reduced.
    • The amount confirmed by the International Relations Office represents the maximum amount of a grant intended for subsistence expenses which will be paid from the Erasmus+ programme.

         Daily grants for each countries:



Travel expenses: all money paid for all means of transport used from the starting point to the destination and back.

    1. Travel expenses are paid separately and in full. However, it is necessary to choose an economic means of transport, i.e. the cheapest possible option. The travel expenses are calculated using the distance calculator which is published on the website of the European Commission.
    2. Please always keep all boarding passes, tickets, accommodation bills, etc. and enclose them with your documents for business trip billing.



Rules for buying flight tickets

a)     Employees will buy their own flight tickets. The cost of the flight tickets will be paid to the staff after their return and settling the final account at the MENDEL cash office.


b) If employees book a flight with a supplier company, they will send an invoice to the mobility coordinator Mgr. Kamila Hercová (, in her absence to Ing. Pavla Soukopová (

Before the tickets are purchased, employees first need to submit a proposal for their travel.

It is possible to use following contacts:

Petr Dohnal, Apollo Service Agency, tel.: + 420 542 216 512,

Tomáš Měntiel, Student Agency, tel: +420 539 000 176,