Before mobility

  1. Completion and confirmation of TEACHING AGREEMENT (Staff Mobility for Teaching).
    1. The employee agrees to the dates of the stay as well as the intended activities with the host institution; at least 14 days prior to departure, the employee will contact the coordinator of employee mobility either via e-mail or by phone +420 545 135 115. She will assign them the financial resources.
    2. The employee will prepare a Travel orderPlease do not pay for your travel ticket or your accommodation before making the Travel order and gathering all signatures.


    1. The employee will contact the coordinator (via e-mail or by telephone +420 545 135 115) in order to sign the Participation Agreement. Signing the Participation Agreement is a prerequisite for handing over a request for a deposit to the Economics Department and for subsequent departure. The agreement must be signed no later than five days prior to leaving for the mobility.