Procedure after finishing mobility

At the end of the stay the employee will have their Confirmation of Teaching Period approved by the host institution. Mobility activities will be itemised here day by day together with the number of hours (min. 1.5h/day, min. 8h/2-5 days, and with longer mobility respectively more). This data is essential for the awarding of the actual amount of the grant or for the possible emergence of a supplement or refund. 

The employee must bring Letter of Confirmation to the International Relations Office within 10 days after returning and complete travel order in electronic Verso system (it must be signed by a superior and in the case of additional funding also by the originator and budget administrator) including all documents, unless the document is in Czech.

The obligations of a participant after returning are mandatorily stated in the Participation Agreement:

4.1  The participant agrees to deliver within 10 days after returning from an educational stay to the Department of International Relations and Internationalisation:

a) Confirmation of the length of teaching, so-called Confirmation of Erasmus Plus Training Period signed by the host institution containing the participant's name, dates of the beginning and ending of teaching, pedagogical activities itemised for individual days and the number of hours of these activities.

b) Submitting the travel order.

4.2.  The participant agrees to implement an overpayment or supplement of the financial contribution according to the travel order within five days after a call from a relevant Economics Department Rectorate worker.

4.3 The participant further agrees to complete and submit a final report (EU Survey) within 10 days after a call for its completion.

4.4. Failure to comply with the obligations stated in 4.1 to 4.4 may be a reason to withdraw from the contract and request the refund of all or part of the financial support in accordance with the General Conditions, Art. 2 included in attachment No. 2 to this contract.


The final report of the EU survey is administered online. After completion of mobility you will be sent a link to an e-mail address entered in documentation. You can open the report and complete it there. For continuous saving click on “Save as draft”. Once you save the report using the “Submit” button you will not be able to edit the report any more. After clicking on “Submit” you should be given two options – “Print” or “Save as PDF”. Select “Save as PDF”. This action is mandatory in respect to the Subscriber Contract.

In case of a failure to comply with contractual obligations the further procedure is stated by the Participant Agreement.