Qualifycation condition

The employee must have the contract with the sending institution (DPP – agreement to complete a job and DPC – agreement to perform work are not accepted).

The minimum length of the stay is two working days and the maximum is 60 days (excluding travel days). The common length of academic mobility is five days.

For prive sector training must exist valid website.

The employee must complete at least 8 hours of activities within two – five working days at the host institution. If the stay is longer than one week, the number of activities must be increased according to the following formula: 1.6h x number of days.

The training can be carried out within the current academic year.

An institution can award a grant for a travel day immediately preceding the first day of training and also for a travel day immediately following the last day of training.

Staff members with special needs may apply for a special grant. The application should be submitted before the beginning of the summer and winter semesters and it is approved by the Steering Committee of the Erasmus Programme.