Procedure before mobility

  1. Completion and confirmation of TRAINING AGREEMENT (Staff Mobility for Training).
    • The employee agrees the dates of the stay as well as the intended activities with the host institution; at least 14 days prior to departure, the employee will contact the coordinator of employee mobility either via e-mail or by phone +420 545 135 115. She will assign them the financial resources.
    • Employee will prepare a Travel orderPlease do not pay for your travel ticket or your accommodation before making the Travel order and gathering all signatures.


    • The employee will contact the coordinator (via e-mail or by telephone +420 545 135 115) in order to sign the Participation Agreement; they will bring two completed originals of the proposal for sending together with the CP – travel order prior to departure.  Signing the Participation Agreement is a prerequisite for handing over a request for a deposit to the Economics Department and for subsequent departure. The agreement must be signed no later than 5 days prior to leaving for mobility.