• The Erasmus+ scholarship is intended to cover part of the costs related to the study stay and represents a contribution to the increased costs associated with the stay abroad.
  • The scholarship is paid by bank transfer to a euro account.
  • The scholarship consists of 2 components – subsistence costs and travel costs.
  • The amount of the scholarship for outgoing students is 700 EUR/month.
  • One month is considered to be 30 days, for the purposes of calculating the scholarship - if the duration of the study stay of full months is not observed, the scholarship for the last month is calculated according to the number of days, where one day = 1/30 of the monthly rate.
  • Travel distance means the distance between the starting point and the place of the activity, the rate is contribution to the trip to a place of the activity and back.

Travel costs depend on the distance to the final destination: 


100 - 499 Km 180 EUR 
500 - 1999 Km 275 EUR 
 2000 - 2999 Km 360 EUR 
 3000 - 3999 Km 530 EUR 
 4000 - 7999 Km 820 EUR 
 More than 8000 Km  1500 EUR


  • Scholarship is paid based signing the Grant Agreement (SMS)/Grant Agreement (SMP) - before departure 100% of travel and 70% of accommodation costs, payment is done until 10 working days after signing, no later than the start of mobility, usually but not earlier than 10 working days before the start of the mobility.
  • The remaining 30% of accommodation costs are paid after delivery all necessary documents after finishing the mobility (especially Confirmation of study period and Transcript of Records in case of SMS, Traineeship Certificate in case of SMP).
  • In case of a shortened stay, the scholarship is reduced by 1/30 of the monthly rate for each day by which the mobility was shortened.
  • In case of SMS, if student does not meet 18 ECTS, as follows from the Grant Agreement, he is obliged to return 1/30 of the total subsistence costs for each unfulfilled credit; at SMP, non-compliance with the terms of the contract is solved individually in cooperation with faculty.
  • Financial support cannot be used to cover costs which are already covered by other EU actions/programs - student cannot be a recipient of an Erasmus Mundus (Joint Master Degree) and Erasmus+ scholarship at the same time.