Selection procedure for study stays and internships in countries outside the EU - ERASMUS + Credit Mobility


From 3rd to 21st May 2021, the second round of selection procedure for study stays and internships within the Erasmus+ Credit Mobility program is taking place.

If you want to take part in the procedure, apply using the following link:;formular=41;lang=en;zalozka=novy;podzalozka=hledam_reseni

Don't forget to attach a cover letter in English to your application. The application will then be commented on by the project coordinator of the country you have chosen.


HERE you can find countries and foreign institutions where it is possible to apply for.


The selection procedure also includes a written and oral English language exam, which will take place from 31st May to 4th June 2021.

The results of the selection procedure will be announced on 14th June 2021. 

Selection criteria Points
Study results (study average) 30
Language skills 30
Cover letter 30
Coordinator 's recommendation 10
Maximum points per application 100


In case of identical point results, the involvement in the Buddy system and in the activities of ESN Mendel will be taken into account.

Mobility conditions:

  • for one semester it will be necessary to complete professional subjects (ie subjects that are in accordance with the student's study focus) in the minimum amount of 18 ECTS credits (it is appropriate to consider in which category subjects studied abroad will be recognized upon return (compulsory, compulsory-optional, optional)