Erasmus+ is an educational programme of the European Union for years 2014-2020, which supports cooperation and mobility in all areas of education, professional training, sports and youth. It is a continuation of Lifelong Learning Programme, Youth in Action and others.

Erasmus+ participants include students, teachers, apprentices, volunteers, and youth leaders. Funds may be granted to the partnerships of educational institutions, youth organizations, enterprises, local and regional authorities and non-governmental organizations as well as toward reforms in the EU Member States aiming at modernisation of education and professional training, and support for innovation, business skills and employment.


Erasmus+ program offers 2 types of activities: 

Studay stays at foreign university in program or partner country

    • length 3-12 months
    • possible only if based upon valid interinstitutional agreement between home university and accepring university

Traineeship in foreign company or organization based in program or partner country

    • length 2-12 months
    • based on 3 party agreement smong student, home university and acepting organization/dompany
    • there is a possibility of recent graduate traineeship, recent graduate has to be selected during his last year of study and the traineeship ahs to be done and finished within a one year after finishing of studies. It is highly recomended to sing and finish all documents before the end of study.


 Study stays      practical placements