Traineeship Agreement ("TA")

  • The traineeship abroad may only be implemented on the basis of a Traineeship Agreement executed by the three parties with all the details specified.
  • The TA must be executed before the departure for the traineeship.
  • By signing the TA, the person in charge confirms that he/she agrees with the traineeship plan of the student and that the content conforms to his/her study field. The person in charge also confirms that the traineeship shall be recognized upon arrival and specifies the manner of recognition.
  • Students are obliged to use the MENDELU form published below.
  • Negotiation of the TA may take several months; therefore we recommend starting the process sufficiently in advance.
  • The student shall send the TA for confirmation to the receiving organization abroad.
  • The TA confirmed by all the parties shall be submitted by the student on the occasion of execution of the Grant Agreement ("GA").

Traineeship Agreement

Traineeship Agreement – completed template