On-line language testing

  • The European Commission introduced the compulsory on-line language testing before and after the traineeship in Erasmus+ for all mobilities lasting two and more months.
  • The evaluation of language skills is provided for the main working language, not the language of the country.
  • The working language of the traineeship must be specified in the TA.
  • Students whose main working language is English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Danish, Greek, Polish, Portuguese or Swedish shall participate in the compulsory language testing.
  • On the basis of language test result, the student may be granted a license to participate in an on-line language course. If the student accepts, he/she must complete the course.
  • Those participants who obtain evaluation up to the B1 level (incl.) shall be automatically offered the course of the main working language.
  • Those participants who obtain evaluation B2 and higher may choose whether they wish to take a course of the main working language or the language of the country to which they are departing.

More information at http://erasmusplusols.eu/

The license is granted by DIRI MENDELU according to criteria defined by the European Commission.