Further procedure before the execution of the Grant Agreement

  • The student shall:
    have the mobility entered into the UIS by the IRO officer of his/her faculty (he/she shall submit the TA with dates of stay); the icon for bank connection shall be displayed in the UIS afterwards;
  • enter his/her Euro account into the UIS through the student portal (Portál studenta → Bankovní spojení);
  • in accordance with Directive 4/2006 and Amendment thereto, the student shall arrange the Travel Proposal. The Travel Proposal shall be first submitted electronically for an approval by an assigned person and then printed out in two copies. The Travel Proposal can be printed out only after having been approved electronically. The students is informed about the Travel Proposal being approved by an e-mail.
  • both copies shall be confirmed by assigned person at the faculty, one shall be submitted to the faculty international relations officer and the other at MENDELU cash register on paying the insurance;
  • the student is obliged to buy insurance for the entire stay abroad (including the days spent travelling from and back to the Czech Republic) under the general agreement of Mendel University prior to departure under Directive No. 4/2006, on provision of travel expense reimbursement and assignment of business trips abroad, at the MENDELU cash register (2nd floor, building A, 8:00 - 13:00);
  • make an appointment to sign the Grant Agreement at the Department of International Relations and Internationalization (Tereza Formáčková).  


Conclusion of Grant Agreement

  • The student shall sign the GA at the Department of International Relations and Internationalization at the latest 2 weeks prior to the planned departure.
  • On the occasion of signing the GA, the student shall bring:
  1. The TA approved by all the three parties 
  2. Receipt of insurance payment at MENDELU cash register – original
  3. Printed version of OLS language test results           

Students from the so-called third countries shall also submit:

  1. Visa or a residence permit for the entire period of the traineeship in the country of the stay

Students whose studies are subjected to tuition fees bring also a confirmationa that they have already paid the tuition fee for the next semester.


The GA must be signed in person prior to the departure (contracts may not be sent by mail or signed after the mobility!).

The departure is not possible if the Grant Agreement is not duly signed and/or all the required documents are not submitted!!!

On the basis of the Grant Agreement, the student shall be transferred the financial support to the EURO account specified in the UIS so that the grant is available at the latest on the 1st day of the traineeship.

Grant Agreement template to be studied!

Amounts of grant to respective countries