Student’s duties after the return from the mobility

  1. To deliver the Traineeship Certificate to the Department of International Relations and Internationalization (ORIGINAL confirmed by the traineeship provider no earlier than a week before the termination) within 14 days of the end of the traineeship.
    In case the duration of the traineeship differs from the duration stated in the Grant Agreement by more than 5 days, an Amendment to the Grant Agreement is concluded (Tereza Formáčková, tereza.formač, tel. 545 135 150).
  2. To deliver a printed copy of the print screen with the results of final on-line evaluation of the working language knowledge with the student's name, within 30 days of the end of the traineeship. Students who fail to submit the print screen with the results of final on-line language test shall return the financial support in full.    
  1. To fill in the Final Report in the UIS and European database (EU Survey) within 30 calendar days of receiving the login.
  2. To return the unused financial support, if:
    1. the student did not comply with the length of the traineeship stated in the Grant Agreement;
    2. the student did not meet the terms of the Traineeship Agreement;
    3. the student breached the Erasmus+ qualification conditions.