Nomination to a university/college abroad


  • after the announcement of the SP results, the list of nominated students including their basic data shall be sent to the institutions abroad by the DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study stays, from whom the student shall receive an e-mail confirming the dispatch of nomination
  • the nominations are sent to the institutions abroad according to the timetable
  • after the nomination, the student should receive an e-mail from the institution abroad, confirming receipt of the nomination, which does not necessarily mean admission of the student to study (there are usually additional administrative formalities in line with the instructions of the institution abroad)
  • the nomination of the student is binding; in the event that the student needs to cancel the mobility for serious reasons, he/she must follow the procedure described here 


Completion and dispatch of application form

  • certain universities/colleges require that the Learning Agreement (LA) be part of the application; we recommend sending even if not required, the student will save time (for more information about the document see below)
  • the student must:
    • find out the application deadline and requirements on the website of the partner university/college
    • check whether the chosen university has its own application form (in such case you do not use the MENDELU application)
    • the application may also be on-line (sometimes in both the forms - "paper" as well as electronic)
    • the application must contain the length of the mobility: it is enough to enter the months of the stay (e.g. September-January); minimum duration is 3 months, maximum 12 months
    • in case the institution abroad requires the Transcript of Records (“ToR”), the list of subjects that the student passed at MENDELU, such a transcript shall be obtained by the student at the Study Department of his/her faculty (further documents may be required)
    • a proof of language proficiency (level B2) shall be issued by the faculty IRO officer on the basis of the language exam passed within the SP
    • the student sends the application with annexes to the university/college abroad in line with instructions from the institution abroad
  • as soon as the institution abroad receives the application, the (sometimes tiresome) administrative process aiming at the admission of the student begins: the institution abroad should contact the student and send him/her all available information about the study and should discuss the organizational matters related to the stay with him/her; accommodation must be taken care of at this point, finding it can take several weeks

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