Learning Agreement

  • the study period may only be organized on the basis of a trilateral Learning Agreement (“LA”)
  • the student must obtain at least 18 ECTS in specialized subjects (i.e. those related to his/her study programme, compulsory, compulsory-optional, optional); doctoral students work on their doctoral thesis (or according to the faculty requirements)
  • the LA must be signed before the departure to the study stay
  • the LA shall be signed in the following order: student, person in charge at the faculty arranged through the IRO officer, coordinator abroad
  • by the signature of the LA, the person in charge confirms that he/she agrees with the student's study plan and that the subjects specified in the LA shall be recognized by MENDELU upon arrival, provided they were successfully passed (see below)
  • the MENDELU form shall be used; in case the institution abroad has its own form, the student shall fill in both
  • offer of study courses is available on the website of the institution abroad
  • certain institutions send their catalogues to the nominated students by e-mail
  • negotiation of the LA may take several months (especially over the summer); therefore we recommend starting the process sufficiently in advance (ideally together with the application, see above)
  • the LA must be complete (i.e. confirmed both by MENDELU and the receiving institution) before signing the Grant Agreement (see below)
  • part of the new form is also its changes (Changes to original LA = During the Mobility part):
    • you do not complete this part before your mobility
    • you can also download the document separately (see bellow)
  • guidelines for completion of LA and faculty requirements can be found on faculty websites

Fill in OLA

šipka Learning Agreement (MENDELU form)

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How to fill OLA: