Letter of Acceptance

  • confirms the student's admission to a university/college abroad
  • acceptance may be in the form of a formal letter or an e-mail
  • in case the recipient university does not issue its own Letter of Acceptance, the student may use the MENDELU form (the student shall send it to the receiving university coordinator for confirmation)
  • the acceptance letter shall contain the name of the student, name of receiving institution and dates of the planned study (exact dates from – to, incl. the orientation week, welcome activities etc.)
  • in case the acceptance letter does not contain exact dates of the stay, the student shall also submit the printed schedule of study in the semester
  • after receiving the Letter of Acceptance, the student shall:
    • have the mobility entered into the UIS by the IRO officer of his/her faculty (he/she shall submit the Letter of Acceptance with dates of stay); the icon for bank connection and Checklists shall be displayed in the UIS afterwards
    • enter the number of EURO account into the UIS (via Student´s portal → My study abroad)
      • if the student wants to open a EURO account at KB, a.s. (more info in the presentation from the information meeting), he/she will need the following:
        • ISIC card
        • Letter of Acceptance
        • confirmation of nomination to a university/college abroad - issued by the faculty IRO officer
    • arrange for the Travel Proposal (UIS - eAgenda - Trips abroad), which shall be needed for the insurance
  • on the basis of the Letter of Acceptance, the student will be issued the GA, and the amount of the scholarship will be calculated

 šipka Letter of Acceptance (MENDELU form)

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