• serves for submitting documents for the study stay abroad (some fields are just for ticking and they indicate if the condition was met or not - for example Bank Account number, EU-Survey, LA and ToR match)
  • the application can be accessed at the UIS Student Portal (after the student has registered the mobility into the UIS on the basis of the Letter of Acceptance - see above)
  • mandatory documents (i.e. those that have to be uploaded by all students into the application):
    • before departure
      • Letter of Acceptance (approved by the DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study stays in the app)
      • Learning Agreement (approved by the faculty)
      • receipt of MENDELU insurance payment (approved by DIRI)
      • OLS initial test result (see below; approved by DIRI)
    • upon return (see below)
      • Confirmation of Erasmus+ study period (approved by DIRI)
      • Transcript of Records (approved by faculty)
      • OLS final test result (approved by DIRI)
  • other documents are required only in case of extension of study period, changes in LA, etc. (see below)
  • the student uploads completed documents into the app (i.e. with all the signatures etc.)
  • uploaded documents are automatically indicated as unapproved, until they are checked and approved by the person in charge  
  • all the Checklists documents must be approved by the person in charge (DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study periods or faculty IRO officer
  • the student can work on the document until it is approved

šipka Contact list for Erasmus+ at MENDELU