Conclusion of Grant Agreement

  • the student shall conclude the Grant Agreement with the DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study stays no later than 2 weeks prior to the planned departure
  • the student must make an advance appointment to sign the GA
  • all students will receive information about signing the GA to their e-mail addresses (incl. the way to make an appointment)
  • before signing the GA, the student shall upload the following completed (see above) documents into Checklists:
    • Letter of Acceptance
    • Learning Agreement
    • receipt of MENDELU insurance payment
    • OLS initial test result
  • in case the student has not the bilaterally confirmed Learning Agreement, he/she may appear for signing the GA; however, the scholarship shall be paid only after the LA is completed
  • the GA must be signed in person prior to the departure (contracts may not be sent by mail or signed pursuant to a power of attorney)
  • the student must not depart for the mobility without the duly signed GA and all the required documents
  • scholarship shall be paid to the student after he/she signed the GA

šipka Grant Agreement template (to be read in advance)

         Erasmus Student Charter

         Qualification Conditions


Award of scholarship

  • the scholarship shall be paid by the home institution no later than on 1st day of the mobility
  • the scholarship shall be transferred to the Euro bank account as registered in the UIS (see above)