Changes to Original Learning Agreement

  • the LA may be modified upon arrival abroad if necessary
  • the student shall prepare a new study plan, so called Changes to Original Learning Agreement (Changes / Changes to LA = During the Mobility Part of LA), taking into account his/her specialization, and upon potential consultation with the faculty coordinator and on condition of obtaining at least 18 ECTS per semester in specialized subjects
  • guidelines for completion of Changes and faculty requirements can be found on faculty websites
  • the student shall sign the Changes to LA, have them approved first by the faculty IRO, then by the coordinator abroad
  • the student shall upload the Changes to the UIS Checklists (see above) within 30 days of the start of the semester at the institution abroad
  • the MENDELU form shall be used; in case the institution abroad has its own form, the student shall fill in both
  • some examples of filled Changes can be found in the presentation from information meeting

 šipka Changes to original Learning Agreement (MENDELU form)

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