Extension of study period

  • is possible only upon agreement with the sending and receiving institutions
  • the student shall not be awarded funds for the extension automatically; it depends on the sending institution whether it shall grant the scholarship for the extension of the stay
  • extension without entitlement to scholarship (Erasmus+ zero-grant student):
    • the student may apply for the extension at any time during the stay through the Application for Extension
    • the student shall not obtain financial support; however, the status of an Erasmus student and ensuing benefits (e.g. waiver of the tuition fee at the institution abroad etc.) shall remain
  • extension of the stay by an entire semester with financial support (possible only in the WS):
    • the student may apply for the extension through the Application by 30 October of the academic year concerned
    • the student shall have the application confirmed by the partner coordinator and then send it by e-mail to the IRO of the home faculty for approval
    • the approved document shall be referred by the faculty IRO to the Rectorate DIRI for the approval of funding
    • in case there are sufficient funds, the DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study stays shall approve the application and shall inform the student, the partner coordinator, as well as the faculty IRO coordinator
    • the change in the total amount of scholarship must be specified in the Amendment to the GA sent to the student after the delivery of the Transcript of Records for the previous semester (or of the Statutory Declaration on passing the specialized subjects and obtaining 18 ECTS credits) and of the LA (see above) for the next semester
  • extension of the stay with financial support (shorter than one semester):
    • is only possible for reasons related to study (e.g. longer exam period than expected etc.)
    • the student shall contact the DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study stays with request to extend the mobility no later than 1 month before the originally planned end of the stay
    • other administrative matters shall be discussed between the student and the coordinator on an individual basis

šipka Application for Extension

         Statutory Declaration on passing specialized subjects

         Learning Agreement (MENDELU form)

         Contact list for Erasmus+ at MENDELU