After return from abroad

  • the student shall submit:
    • Confirmation of Erasmus+ Study Period (“Confirmation”), which

      • is a main proof of completion of the study period
      • we recommend getting the Confirmation before departure home
      • the Confirmation must contain the exact dates of stay (scholarship is awarded according to the dates)
      • must be confirmed by the coordinator abroad no earlier than one week before the end of the mobility
      • the student shall submit the ORIGINAL to the DIRI within 14 days of the end of mobility
      • a scan of the Confirmation shall be uploaded by the student to Checklists in the UIS
      • in case the length of the stay is shorter or longer in comparison with the period set out in the GA, the accounting of the scholarship must be made and a signature of the Amendment to the GA must be arranged with the DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study stays
      • the student may use the MENDELU form
    • Transcript of Records

      • shall be uploaded into Checklists no later than within 4 weeks of the end of mobility
      • the ToR must correspond to the LA or, as the case may be, to the Changes in the names of subjects and their credit values (eventually in codes if the receiving university uses them)
      • the student may use the MENDELU form
    • the result of the final OLS test shall be uploaded into Checklists (UIS)
  • the student shall:
    • fill in the Final Report into the UIS (Student´s portal → My study abroad) within 30 days of the end of mobility - the report is a source of information for other students
    • fill in the EU-Survey final report; the student will get a request to complete the report by e-mail
    • make sure that all the documents have been delivered and are complete
  • the student shall return the unused part of scholarship in case:

šipka Confirmation of Erasmus+ Study Period (MENDELU form)

         Transcript of Records (MENDELU form)

         Qualification Conditions