Bilateral mobilities - internships

Bilateral mobilities allow students to go outside the EU.

General conditions

  • The competition is open to the students who are enrolled in an accredited Bachelor, Master or Doctoral study in the regular or combined programme and have finished at least the first year of study at MENDELU (the student may be in any year of study; however, advanced students are preferred). The student with a citizenship of another state, who is interested in a study stay in the country of his/her origin, may participate in the mobility; however, it shall be assigned the lowest priority.
  • The minimal duration of the study period is 30 days; the maximum length is 12 months, the time spent by travel is not included. The sum of all mobilities in the programme shall not exceed 12 months days during one study cycle.
  • The monthly scholarship counts CZK15,000 for bachelor and master´s students regardless the destination; PhD students have to calculate their expected expences during their stay (subject to an individual assesment).
  • The traineeship need not to be based on a bilateral agreement. Students of MENDELU either arrange for their traineeship themselves (e.g. through an agency) or through contacts of their home university. The traineeship shall be held in an enterprise, training or research centre or in another organization; the receiving organization must be a legal entity. The traineeship may also be held at one of our partner institutions.).

Financial terms

  • The monthly scholarship counts CK15,000 for bachelor and master´s students regardless the destination; PhD students have to calculate their expected expences during their stay (subject to an individual assesment).
  • After the 1st month the amount of the scholarship is calculated as follows:

1 - 7 days…………… CZK 0
8 - 20 days………….  ½ scholarship, i.e. CZK 7,500
21 - 30 days………... CZK 15,000

Example: Period of stay 1 month 6 days - amount of scholarship granted CZK 15 000, period of stay 1 month 14 days - amount of scholarship granted CZK 22 500, period of stay 1 month 29 days - amount of scholarship granted CZK 30 000.

  • The scholarship is paid out in Czech crowns pursuant to the Grant Agreement. Any costs exceeding this amount shall be borne by the student. The student can also search for offers of government scholarships in the selected country.
  • Allowance of the travel costs, to the place of the mobility and back, is also possible. The allowance will be reimbursed upon submission of the application and the original boarding passes/bus/train tickets after successful completion of the mobility. The travel documents submitted must indicate in particular the travel dates, the name of the passenger and the price paid. The application together with the travel documents should be handed to International Relations Office till 30.11.
  • The amount of the scholarship to be granted is subject to the fulfillment of the conditions specified in the financial agreement and depends also on the decision of the Vice-Rector for International and Public Affairs.
  • If any of the above conditions are not met, a refund may be required.

Selection Procedure 

The selection procedure (SP) is announced by the Department of International Relations and Internationalization (IRO) at the beginning of each academic year for the next year. Students are informed about the opening of the call by a bulk e-mail. The first round of the selection procedure is organized by the faculty, the final selection is made by the Rectorate. The student submits the application at the International Relations Office of his/her faculty

  1. Application form with the confirmation by the faculty
  2. Motivation letter in the language of instruction
  3. Training Agreement
  4. Proof of language proficiency (compulsory for FBE students, others optionally) - international certificate, state language examination, study in English, results of the MENDELU language test etc. If the student passed a language test e.g. in the Erasmus+ programme, its result may be acknowledged upon the student’s request; however, this result may not be older than 3 years. Students from FBE who have no proof of language proficiency will take the language test at the faculty

Main criteria decisive for the selection of students are:

  • grade point average
  • level of language skills
  • choice of the university
  • student’s motivation for study at the university chosen.


1.1. - 10.2. deadline for submition of application at the Faculty internatonal office
 24.2. - 28.2. language test
 9.3. - 15.3.  annoucement of results, nominations 
 1 month before departure   signing the Financial Agreement 




The success in the selection procedure at MENDELU does not automatically mean that the student is accepted by the university of his/her choice! Unsuccessful applicants shall be put on the standby list and may be addressed with an offer of study abroad later. 

Nomination process

After the announcement of the SP results the list of nominated students shall be sent to the universities abroad by the IRO coordinator, from whom the student shall receive an e-mail confirming the dispatch of nomination.

After the nomination, the student should receive an e-mail from the university abroad, confirming receipt of the nomination, which does not necessarily mean admission of the student to study (there are usually additional administrative formalities in line with the instructions of the university abroad).

The nomination of the student is binding. In the event that the student needs to cancel the mobility for serious reasons, he/she must inform the faculty, IRO and send an e-mail apology to the coordinator abroad.

Before Departure

  • The university abroad may request from the student Letter of Award and/or Nomination Confirmation. Both documents are issued by the IRO at rector´s office.
  • Training Agreement 
  • Letter of Acceptance from the receiving institution with dates of beginning and end of the study at the university abroad.
  • Enter the Travel Proposal into the UIS (eAgenda - Trips abroad; please consult the faculty - instructions in English can be downloaded here). Printed and signed Travel Proposal is necessary to pay the insurance at MENDELU cash desk (it is possible to pay only in cash!)
  • Insurance for the period abroad (including travel). It is a confirmation of the concluded policy for covering medical expenses during the time outside the Czech Republic (payment receipt from the cash register). The student is obliged to buy insurance for the entire stay abroad (including the days spent travelling from and back to the Czech Republic) under the general agreement of Mendel University prior to departure in accordance with Directive No. 4/2006, on provision of travel expense reimbursement and assignment of business trips abroad (all information is available here - in Czech only).
  • Check/enter your bank account number in CZK into the UIS

Financial Agreement

In case the student is accepted by the foreign university, he/she shall sign the Financial Agreement at the IRO prior to the departure, in which MENDELU undertakes to pay the awarded amount of scholarship. Before signing the Financial Agreement and payment of the scholarship, the student shall arrange an appointment at the IRO 2 to 3 weeks before departure and fulfill the following requirements:

  • Deliver the following documents:
    • Insurance payment confirmation
    • Training Agreement
    • Letter of Acceptance
  • Check whether the mobility has been entered into the UIS. The study stay abroad is entered by the International Relations Office of the relevant faculty (based on Acceptance Letter)        
  • Upload Letter of Acceptance, Traning Agreement and Insurance payment confirmation into a checklist in the UIS

After return home

Upon the return from abroad, the student is obliged to:

  • submit to the IRO a Certificate confirming the traineeship period and achieved results/evaluation from the partner university with dates of beginning and end of the study abroad. Original goes to the university IRO, copy to the Faculty.
  • fill in a Final Report in the UIS and upload missing documents into the checklist

Should the student fail to complete the study, to pass the prescribed number of exams or to meet other terms set out in the Financial Agreement, MENDELU may claim the refund of a part or the whole scholarship.


Selection procedure

Before mobility

Ph.D. traineeship



Programme at MENDELU is run by IRO REC.
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