A) Support short-term Ph.D. stays within EU - conference scholarship

The aim of the programme is to support international mobility of MENDELU doctoral students and their participation on conferences and research symposium. Furthermore, it should contribute to better results within doctoral students´ research and increase the quality of education process. It will help to interconnect the students with the research community and increase awareness about our university abroad.

Applications can be submitted from 1st Janury to 31st March

More details are to be found here.

B) Support long-term Ph.D. traineeships

International Relations Office announces the Scholarship programme to support long-term traineeships of MENDELU doctoral students abroad.

Applications can be submitted from 1st Janury to 31st March. The mobility has to start in November at the latest.

The aim of the programme is to support international mobility of MENDELU doctoral students leading to the enhancement of quality of the educational process and academic and research competence of doctoral students. Long-term traineeship is defined as a stay abroad where the student works to develop his/her practical skills related to the field of study and the Ph.D. thesis, typically lasting one semester, however, not shorter than 30 days.

Traineeships will take place primarily at research institutes and universities, preferably those which are parties to bilateral agreements concluded by MENDELU. In justified cases, the traineeship may take place at non-academic institutions and private companies.

Preferred will be traineeships that cannot be funded from other sources such as Erasmus+, Ceepus etc.

The complete application with all the required documents is to be submitted to the international office of each faculty. The applicants shall be informed about the decision about the scholarship within 15 days after the Vice-Rector’s decision.

The scholarship amount depends on the length, place of the stay and on the expected monthly living costs and travel expenses of a return journey to the place of the traineeship. Each doctoral student is entitled to only one scholarship in the 2019 calendar year.

The application may not be filed by an individual whose previous MENDELU mobility participation was unsuccessful or by a student who has a financial liability towards MENDELU.

In case there will be still sufficient funds available application can be submitted also outside of the official call.

Administration process of traineeship within bilateral agreements is the same for all outgoing students