Students who participate in traineeships within the Erasmus+ Programme and are citizens of EU/EEA countries involved in the programme are not obliged to apply for student visa. An exception to this rule may apply under certain circumstances to Turkey and Macedonia. You will get current information concerning the visa duty at the diplomatic missions in Prague.

In case you are not a citizen of an EU/EEA country, you may be obliged to apply for visa also to other countries. You will get exact information at diplomatic missions.

Insurance: The student is obliged to buy insurance for the entire stay abroad under the general agreement of Mendel University prior to departure under Directive No. 4/2006, on provision of travel expense reimbursement and assignment of business trips abroad. All information (in Czech) is available here.

Accommodation is arranged by students themselves.

A valuable source of practical information concerning accommodation: MENDELU Reports about the abroad placements database, NAEP database and Erasmate.