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Mendel University in Brno has 5 faculties and one institute.


MENDELU also runs a variety of its own facilities, such as



What you can study - study programmes taught in English

The academic year is divided into two semesters (winter and summer). Each contains 13 weeks of teaching, followed by a 4/5-week examination period.

Bachelor's (undergraduades) study programmes are designated to take 3 years, Master's programmes usually take 2 years. To complete the degree successfully, students must pass the final state exam and defend their final dissertation/thesis.

The faculties also offer Doctoral study (PhD) programees which usually take 3 years. The PhD programme is completed with the PhD State Exam and a defence of the PhD thesis.

Bachelor's study programmes

Master's study programmes



Language courses

The Institute of Lifelong Learning offers a preparatory Czech language course for foreigners. The course is intended for students from abroad who want to study in Czech at one of the universities in the Czech Republic. Courses are primary aimed at students whose mother tongue (language) is any of Slavic languages (mostly Russian, Ukraine etc.).

For more information visit the webpage of ILL.

Other langauge courses are either a compusory or optional part of  study programmes at individual faculties.