Before you arrive

Students from China need to apply for a long-term residence permit (recommended) or a visa. Current conditions and requirements are available online at the following links:


During your stay

You can extend your visa without having to leave the Czech Republic. Students are entitled to submit an application for an extension of a long-term visa or a long-term residence permit, on condition that their purpose of stay remains the same, at the earliest 90 days and at the latest 14 days before the period of the permitted stay on the territory of the Czech Republic expires.

A long-term residence permit issued for the purpose of study at a university can be extended repeatedly, but only for a maximum period of two years each time it is extended.

More information is available here.

Working while studying is possible with a student visa or a residence permit, but only under special conditions. The workload is limited to a maximum of 30 days a year and study must always be the main purpose of your stay. If you want to work on a long-term basis, it is necessary to apply for an Employee Card

Travelling around the Schengen countries is allowed with a valid Czech long-term visa or a long-term permit.

If your family members wish to pay a short visit, they can apply for a Schengen visa at a Czech Embassy. The inviting person (e.g. you) must fill out an invitation form, available at any Foreign Police office


After your studies

Once your purpose of stay (study) expires you must leave the Czech Republic or it is necessary to specify the purpose of your further stay – e.g. work or follow-up studies

Registering with the Foreign Police

As a holder of a long-term visa or permit, you must report to an office of the Foreign Police within 3 days of your arrival in the Czech Republic, unless your accommodation provider (e.g. Halls of Residence) does it for you.

During your stay in the Czech Republic, you are required to report any changes to your last name, marital status and any other information contained in your travel document (e.g. passport) within 3 working days. You must also report any change of your address in the Czech Republic within 30 days.

Medical care and insurance

Students from China must have  health insurance coverage for illness, accidents, etc. (“komplexni pojisteni”) for the entire period of their stay in the Czech Republic. More information is available here.

Students can of course use medical services in both emergency and non-emergency cases. A valid insurance card is required when going to a medical doctor or a medical facility in the Czech Republic.

Cost of living

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is lower than in most other European Union countries. A student needs approx. CZK 8,000 – 10,000/ CNY 2 200 – 7 700 per month to cover basic costs, such as food, accommodation and transport. The amount of course depends on individual needs, requirements and the standard of living of each student.



At a restaurant the average price of a meal is around CZK 120 (CNY 33); in the student canteen the price is usually CZK 30 - 40 for a meal (CNY 9-12.5). Food costs may be lower or higher, depending on your personal choice about where and what you eat.



Monthly public transport ticket for students

Monthly public transport ticket for students >26 years old - CZK 350 (RUB 97,2)

One way ticket to Prague (by train) - CZK 220 (CNY 61)

Petrol (Natural 95) - 30 CZK/litre (CNY 8,3)

For a better estimate you can check the average prices here or here.