Before departure


 Students selected in the application procedure:  

  • should provide their Letter of Acceptance from the partner university (if possible) and must have the Learning Agreement in case of Student Mobility for Study (SMS) or Traineeship Agreement in case of Student Mobility for Placement (SMP) confirmed from both home and partner institutions.
  • are obliged to choose appropriate courses corresponding with the study program at MENDELU for at least 18 ECTS; PhD. students working on their thesis are an exception to his and don´t need to gain 18 ECTS during their Erasmus+ credit mobility stay
  • must have signed their Learning Agreement before the start of the mobility, LA’s should be first signed by the student, then by the faculty coordinator at MENDELU and finally by the host university coordinator 
  • show their letter of acceptance from the host institution with the start and end day of  their mobility to the MENDELU faculty coordinator, who will enter the Erasmus mobility into UIS; after this the icon with bank account and checklists will appear in student´s UIS account
  • need to open a EURO bank account and enter the bank account number into UIS (Student´s portal --> My study abroad)
  •  need to fill in the New Trip abroad  (in UIS e-agenda --> Trips Abroad) section and pay for their insurance at the cash office at MENDELU
  • apply for a visa, if needed 
  • upload documents to the UIS checklist: Letter of Acceptance (checked by an international relations officer), Learning Agreement (approved by the faculty coordinator), proof (receipt) of insurance payment (checked by an international relations officer)
  • ask for an appointment with the Erasmus+ credit mobility coordinator ( in order to sign the Grant Agreement for SMS / Grant Agreement for SMP, student have to provide their personal data in the agreement in advance; students will also receive the Erasmus Student Charter and General Conditions

During mobility


  • in the event a student wants to make any changes to the courses they have chosen, they need to fill in the part of the form called  "During the Mobility" - Changes to original Learning Agreement/ Changes to Traineeship Agreement arrange for the signature of the coordinator from the host institution, and from MENDELU and deliver the copy of it to the International Relations Office - all changes of LA/TA must be made and approved within 30 days of the beginning of student´s mobility
  • students are obliged to inform the International Relations Office of all changes to their mobility (extension or shortening of mobility) and about all eventual problems with completing courses according to the LA

Extension of mobility stay

  • it is generally not possible to extend your study at the host institution, in the event of an exception, students will be informed and must follow the same rules as Erasmus+ students 

  Shortening of mobility stay 

  • it is possible to shorten the mobility stay with the agreement of MENDELU and by signing an amendment to the existing Grant Agreement; student´s financial support will be reduced correspondingly (1/30 of the monthly scholarship per day)
  • if the mobility is shorter than 3 months for SMP/ 2 months for SMP (the minimum length), the student is obliged to return the full amount of the scholarship

After mobility


  • Students must fill in the online document ‘EU Survey’ in the Mobility Tool+ database
  • hand in the Confirmation of Study Period / Traineeship Certificate form confirmed by the host institution that must include the name of the participant (student) and starting and ending date of Erasmus+ study period
  • this confirmation has to be delivered to the International Relations Office at MENDELU within 15 days of the student´s departure from the host institution 
  • this document cannot be signed more than 5 days before the real end of the mobility!
  • student after SMS mobility must deliver their Transcript of Records form issued and confirmed by the host institution 
  • PhD. students have to hand in the Supervisor´s Report  documenting the student´s research or study activity during the Erasmus+ stay at IRO MENDELU within one month after the departure from the hosting institution
  • students have to return their insurance card to the cash office 
  • students have to upload their Confirmation of Erasmus+ Credit Mobility Study Period (approved by the IRO coordinator), Transcript of Records (approved by the faculty coordinator) in the checklist application in UIS
  • students must fill in the Final report on UIS (Student´s portal --> My study abroad) within 30 calendar days after the mobility - this report serves as a valuable source of information for other MENDELU students 
  • fill in the Final report for EU-Survey - students will receive an email with an invitation to fill in the EU-Survey Final report 
  • students are also obliged to deliver a final personal report covering the main personal benefits of their mobility
  • students should request recognition from completed courses at the faculty of MENDELU 
  • students should hand in a short personal report from their Erasmus+ stay at IRO MENDELU

In the event the student hasn´t gained the minimum of 18 ECTS credits from their courses per semester they are obliged to return the Erasmus+ scholarship 1/30 of financial support for their stay for every credit not earned.


Checklist application

  • the checklist application serves as a guide for students to follow all formal administrative steps before, during and after their mobility, to hand in documents and to get them approved by Erasmus+ coordinators
  • the checklist application is available to students from UIS (Student´s Portal)
  • required documents students have to upload in the checklist application before their mobility include: 
  • Letter of Acceptance (approved by the IRO Erasmus+ coordinator)
  • Learning Agreement (approved by the faculty coordinator)
  • Confirmation of „MENDELU“ insurance payment (approved by the IRO Erasmus+ coordinator)
  • after the mobility has ended: 
  • Confirmation of Erasmus+ Credit Mobility Study Period (approved by the IRO Erasmus+ coordinator)
  • Transcript of Records (approved by faculty coordinator)
  • students should upload documents that are completed and signed by all parties 

all documents in the Checklist must be approved by the relevant person, students can make changes to the documents until they are approved