Selection procedure


Selection procedure – basic information


When does it take place?

  • usually twice a year: 
    • January (1st round) - with validity for the next academic year (i.e. SP that takes place in January 2020, within the academic year 2019/20, shall be valid for the academic year 2020/21 beginning in September 2020)
    • September (2nd round) - for the SS of the present academic year (shall take place only if sufficient funds are available)
  • the SP includes: filing application and passing language exam


What should a student do if he/she wishes to leave for a study stay?

šipka Contact list for Erasmus+ at MENDELU

         Qualification Conditions of the Erasmus+ Programme


How to choose the university/college?

  • the selection of colleges/universities to be entered into the application (maximum of 4 institutions in the maximum of 2 languages of instruction) must be carefully considered
  • we recommend that you thoroughly go through all available sources of information:
  • when choosing an institution we recommend taking into account:
    • language of study (instruction)
    • suitable study subjects:
      • it is advisable to pay attention to the information about whether the cooperation with the institution concerns the whole institution or its particular section; in case a particular section of the institution is mentioned (faculty, department), you would most probably be able to register only (or mainly) the subjects taught at that faculty or department
      • the student must take specialised subjects (i.e. those related to his/her study programme) worth the minimum of 18 ECTS credits per semester
      • it is advisable to consider in which category the subjects studied abroad will be recognized at MENDELU (compulsory, compulsory-optional, optional)
      • the student can get up to 30 points in the SP for the selection of subjects corresponding to his/her study specialisation (see below)
  • place and practical considerations
    • it is advisable to verify the amount of the scholarship provided toward the stay (find out how expensive the place is from final reports in the UIS or info materials of the university/college concerned)

šipka Scholarship amounts for 2019/20

         Scholarship amounts for 2020/21


Selection procedure mechanism

  • the student may enter 4 different colleges/universities in his/her application in the order of preference, within 2 different languages of instruction
  • each student competes with all the other students who chose the same study language and the same colleges/universities in the SP
  • applicants who filed only the electronic, not also the printed, application shall be excluded from further procedure
  • applicants who do not present themselves for the language examination shall be excluded, too
  • the successful applicants shall be assigned one college/university at which they shall study (there are no pre-set minimum points that the student must achieve in order to be placed at a certain college/university; the success depends on the performance of the group of applicants competing for the placement and on the funds available)
  • the participants to the SP applying in two languages of instruction shall be assigned only one college/university upon processing the results
  • in the case of two applicants with the same college/university on a different position in their list of preferences, who have a different number of points, the placement shall be assigned to the applicant who obtained higher number of points, not the applicant who has the institution on the higher position in his/her list of preferences
  • should the applicant fail to obtain a placement in any of the colleges/universities in his/her list of preferred institutions, the student shall be included into the standby list for the study language concerned (or, as the case may be, to the list for both the languages in which he/she failed)
  • substitutes may be addressed with an additional offer of study abroad in the order according to the standby list (sometimes this may happen several months after the termination of the SP)


study results (average) 30 points
language knowledge 30 points
correct selection of study courses in the Learning Agreement in accordance with specialization (preliminary Learning Agreement) 30 points
participation in Buddy System and activity in ISC MENDELU 10 points
maximum for an application 100 points


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How to apply?

  • applications are filed at dates according to the timetable (usually January; for the 2nd round of the SP in September; the application is filed during the preceding semester and all the circumstances that occur in the winter/summer semester are included and evaluated with points)
  • all students are informed about the SP by bulk e-mail
  • it is not necessary to postpone filing the application until your results for the winter semester are as complete as possible (the final summary of points for circumstances entered in the application shall be made upon the termination of the SP)
  • you can monitor the status of your application in the UIS


Filing an application

Status/attributeWhat does it mean?Options for a change of status
in process

the student works with the application


the application is not considered filed at this stage
the next step is usually closing, i.e. filing the application
closed the application was filed in the electronic form and now, it has to be filed in the printed form with annexes

can be cancelled

in case it was closed too early, you can ask the faculty IRO for a change of status to “in process" until the collection of applications is finished

the application shall not be included into the SP but it shall be kept in the system


it is not possible to file a new application instead of the cancelled one within the same SP
in case it was cancelled by mistake, you can ask the faculty IRO for a change of status to “in process" until the collection of applications is finished
completness no the application has not been subject to the final check at the faculty IRO; in particular, the study results have not been updated as soon as the study average is updated and all annexes are checked, the completeness shall be set to “yes”

the application has gone through the final check at the faculty IRO, the study results and awarded points have been updated


the number of points for circumstances in the application is final now; this status is usually reached shortly before the language exam


only a completed application shall be further dealt with within the SP

points the student gets by passing the language exam shall be added to the application
failed to appear

indicates the application where the applicant did not attend the test or interview (as part of the language exam)

such application shall be excluded from further process


šipka UIS documentation - Svazek 2 - Student (only in Czech)

         Preliminary Learning Agreement

         Learning Agreement Proposal - FBE

         Contact list for Erasmus+ at MENDELU

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Language exam

  • the language exam can be taken in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian
  • it is at B2 level
  • each student who wants to go abroad within Erasmus+ Programme needs to paas the language examination (language certificates are not accepted)
  • consists of a written and oral part
  • if the student passed the language exam in the past, he/she may get it recognized:
    • the language exam is recognized up to 3 years back
    • the student has to apply for recognition at the faculty when submitting the printed application


Written test

  • consists of 40 partial tasks (each task is given 0.5 point) and is divided into several types of activities using various testing methods (answer selected from a menu, semi-open answer, created answer, transformation of information, matching, supplementing, completion of text etc.)
  • areas to be tested: vocabulary, grammar, reading with comprehension and language functions, i.e. use of the language for completing a practical task
  • written tests are taken via the UIS - students who successfully applied to the SP shall get all the information by e-mail
  • in order to pass the test, you must give at least 26 correct answers of the total 40, and thus obtain 13 points
  • time assigned: 45 minutes plus 5 minutes for handing out and check
  • discarded materials are published here; their printed form is available for free at DIRI (on racks near the offices)


Oral part

  • after taking the written test, students sign in the rosters to the oral exam with individual teachers
  • dates and times of examinations must be observed
  • the oral part consists of an interview in the duration of 7-10 minutes
  • in order to pass the exam, the student must get at least 7 points out of 10

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Selection procedure results

  • each applicant may monitor the development of his/her point score (interim results) and the final SP results in his/her application profile in the UIS
  • the final results of the SP shall be published according to the timetable
  • unsuccessful applicants shall be put on the standby list within the selected language (languages) of study in which they did not succeed and they may be addressed with an offer of study abroad later (in case a new agreement on student exchange is concluded or an existing agreement is extended or a successful candidate cancels his/her mobility)

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