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  • students who participate in the study period within the Erasmus+ Programme and are citizens of EU/EEA countries involved in the programme are not obliged to apply for student visa
  • a new regulation has applied in Turkey since July 2014, under which foreign students do not need student visa to arrive in the country; they apply for a permit to stay for the period of study at the foreign police upon arrival (info: Turkish Embassy in Prague, tel.: 224311402/403)
  • in case the student is not a citizen of an EU/EEA country, he/she may be obliged to apply for visa also to other countries than just Turkey; accurate information can be obtained at embassies and consulates

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  • under Directive No. 4/2006 (in Czech only), on provision of travel expense reimbursement and assignment of business trips abroad (amendments to be found here), the student is obliged to buy insurance for the entire stay abroad under the general agreement of Mendel University prior to departure; all the info is here
  • insurance shall be paid on the basis of the Travel Proposal (printed and signed by the person in charge at the faculty) at MENDELU cash register:
    • Brno: building A, 2nd floor right, Mon-Fri 08:00-13:00 (for contact, click here)
    • Lednice: building A (Dean's Office - Study Department), during office hours
    • only cash payments are accepted
  • it is advisable to make sure in advance whether your host institution has any special requirements concerning insurance

šipka Directive No. 4/2006, on provision of travel expense reimbursement and assignment of business trips abroad (in Czech only)

         Travel Insurance Certificate

         Contact list for Erasmus+ at MENDELU

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  • regarding accommodation, please note that not all host institutions are able to arrange inexpensive accommodation in student halls of residence for all international students
  • please carefully study the information provided to you by the partner institution regarding accommodation and make arrangements well in advance
  • a valuable source of practical information concerning accommodation: MENDELU database of final reports (Public information portal - Further information about MENDELU → Study information - Reports about the abroad placements), NAEP database and Erasmate
  • accommodation offers sent by universities/colleges abroad are to be found here

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